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49 and going back to art school!

After seventeen years working in secondary art education, it felt like the right time for a change. The headship team and governors at my school were incredibly supportive and approved my request for a one-year sabbatical. On September 27th, I enrolled onto the 1-year MA Fine Art course at the University of Brighton. One month in, and what a whirlwind it has been!

The first job was to get my studio space up and running. Scraping, cleaning and painting the space was a great way to make it mine. I found the perfect decorating table on Facebook Marketplace which fits perfectly underneath the window, followed by a bright orange wheelie cube which now houses my collage material. Once the Dremel and the kettle were pat-tested, the studio soon felt like a home from home.

The MA Fine Art course is fast-paced and the days fly by. As well as lectures, workshops and studio time, the facilities and staff in the school of art and media are incredible. I have had an induction to the photographic studio, with expert support on how to professionally shoot my glass-fronted clocks. The Tech Hub are printing a 3D mini printing press for me. And, the Masters students have already held their first exhibition in Edward Street Gallery. Thirty eight students across the full and part-time pathways worked together to show work measuring up to 10x10x10cm.

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